I am a Suffolk based commercial & social photographer. 

I have been a freelance photographer for over 30 years and thoroughly enjoy poking my camera into other peoples business 😉 Challenging myself to exceed my previous work is the only way to be the best photographer I can be.


“I have the unique opportunities to photograph the ebb and flow of human interaction with the bonus of a finely dressed cast. I capture the peaks of the day and immortalise the defining moments. It’s my task to compose and structure the wedding photographs into a moving and engaging story. All brides are beautiful”.


Businesses are made of people. I recognise that architecture is an expression of ideas made into a structural reality. Interior design is a personal statement. Shapes and shadow, the overview and the detail. Then add the best available light possible… daylight, but not forgetting the adventurous clients who allow it all to happen”.

Homes and Gardens

 “I recognise that architecture. Businesses are made of people, the objects they make and the services they provide. I photograph the human side of business, the enthusiasm and skill, the deals and trade. Effective photographs should resonate with their intended audience, provoking a spark of desire. Pictures speak louder than words”.


 “Alfred Eisenstaedt, famous for his portraits of Marilyn Monroe, said “ It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” I couldn’t agree more. As infants, faces are the first things we recognise. The eyes being the window to the soul, are paramount. Still, portraying a person is often unpredictable, the best images coming from a lively relationship with the sitter – warm and cordial, distant and respectful. Only smile if you want to“.


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