The late great black & white American photographer Ansel Adams once said “you don’t take a photograph you make it”! With the exception of still being alive and not coming from America, Andrew seems to have something in common with Ansel acute and well observed comment.
Study Andrews work and you discover simple subjects and occasions beautiful captured. A real eye that makes a still image deliquescent. There is also the added bonus that if you engage him you will make a new friend. I did
Andrew is an inventive, brilliant photographer with a strong commercial driver that enables him to take business goals and interpret them into a strong consistent theme reflecting the brand and its values with a dose of originality. Highly recommended.
Andrew has photographed just about every important event in our family life from new babies, to large 40th birthdays and parents’ 70ths. Even the children treat him like a member of the family. Andrew makes what could be a trial fun, and the results are always outstanding.
Andrew photographed my sons wedding. He encapsulated the occasion but blended into the background. The quality of his work was to the highest standard and we would welcome the opportunity to use him again.
Andrew is a pleasure to work with combining a relaxed personable style with exceptional quality photos. That combination makes the process a pleasure and the results outstanding.
Andrew photographed our recording session. He was professional, discreet and his results captured the entire day brilliantly.
Andrew can capture a 3D architectural concept with a 2D photo. His images literally explain ideas.
Andrew is not only a very high quality photographic talent he is also a very high quality chap. He has an easy approach to what he does and is one of these annoying folk that make very good work seem very easy. Having got to know him over a period of time now I am also happy to count him as a friend. As well as his immediate commercial talent he has an awareness of what he does and how business operates that allows him to involve himself readily in other ventures. A very good guy and one to talk if your need sits within his skill sets.
Andrew has recorded major family milestones for us. His images are lovely. Andrew is a great addition to any event as his consummate professionalism is combined with a sense that he loves what he does.
Andrew Florides has worked with us on more than one occasion, firstly with PR and photography representing my own organisation at The Upstairs Gallery and on another basis on a UK based project and book tour ‘The Boudica Within’ based on the awareness of breast cancer and mastectomy.
Myself and the women involved with the tour found Andrew to be a very calming influence, both personable but private on a most understandably private project. The results were amazing, and we were all very proud of the photography work on the women involved, leaving us feeling inspired and beautiful.
Many thanks to Andrew Florides.
Absolutely fantastic – we hired Andrew for our wedding photos and he captured the atmosphere of the day perfectly. Andrew was highly professional, curteous and unobstrusive – with an artisitic flair that has given us perfect memories of our wedding day (particulalr the parts we were too drunk to actually remember!). Andrew set up a mini-studio and the results were amazing – we’ve been creating gifts out of the shots of our friends for years!
Andrew has undertaken a number of assignments for me. Not only is his work technically top drawer, he also has a very creative approach to his work. A big plus is his ability to get on and deal with other people, not often the case with creative folk.
What can I say about Andrew that has not already been said more eloquently by many others. After all, his images speak for themselves. His uncanny ability to make even the most nervous of people feel relaxed and forget that he is there is legendary. If you choose Andrew as your photographer, whether it be portraits, wedding or commercial, you will not be disappointed.
Andrew delivered the best set of photos for our product range. They were professionaly done, in a relaxed atmosphere. Andrew grasped what it was that we needed offered some additions and ideas and then delivered the product . Excellent to work with.
Andrew is a very skilled photographer who is able to capture the moments and produce creative, beautiful reportage pictures. My wedding photographs are fantastic. Andrew’s professional, calm manner makes him a pleasure to have around as your photographer at any special event. I would highly recommend him.
Andrew was the perfect wedding photographer and we felt very lucky to have him there on our special day. He has an amazing ability to make you laugh and put you totally at ease, which is just what we needed on what can be quite a stressful day!
The photographs he took were absolutely stunning! He has a real eye for creating beautifully composed pictures which capture the true essence of a moment. We are always being told how wonderful our wedding photos are and we couldn’t agree more!
Andrew is a true professional who genuinely seems to love what he does and that really shines through in his pictures!
Andrew must be one fine photographer to make our wedding day look as stunning as it did! He worked closely with us to interpret what we wanted, and was incredibly personable throughout. In fact, he gave us a lift from the church to the venue when our our wedding car didn’t show up. How is that for fine service?
Andrew is a thoroughly lovely chap, and aside from his disgraceful toffee vodka habit lives a completely virtuous – almost monk like existence.
When the toffee vodka is not beckoning, he also manages to be a fantastic photographer and has a black belt in networking.
Probably one of the most talented an creative photographers I have ever met. I hired Andrew to capture my wedding in 1998, and the prints are still stunning and contemporary today. He’s a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation recomending him to anyone for any photographic assignment, or even just tio hang out with!
Andrew is an outstanding photographer, with a wealth of experience, He has a natural rapport with people of all ages and as such gets remarkable images. He is one of the few photographers that listens to the client and will always do his best to get the most out of any assignment.